Township -How do I rearrange the buildings in my town? – [English]

How do I rearrange the buildings in my town?

Use Edit Mode. To open it for a specific building, just tap and hold that building. Then you’ll be able to rotate or relocate your building by tapping an empty spot in your town.

If you want to swap several buildings around or add more roads and pavement, you’ll need the town Edit mode. To open it, tap the icon with green arrows in the bottom left corner.

At level 15 you’ll get access to temporary storage, which lets you significantly or completely redesign your town. Tap the box icon in Edit Mode to use temporary storage:

1. Tap a building and then the arrow icon below it to move it to temporary storage.
2. Drag buildings from temporary storage to place them back in your town.
3. You can only save your changes once you place all the buildings back in your town.