Township -How does the Zoo work? – [English]

How does the Zoo work?

You can open your very own Zoo once you reach level 40. To do so, simply restore its entrance located near the train station.

Build enclosures and buy animals for your Zoo. Once you have two of the same kind of animal, you can breed them at the Nursery. Make whole families of four animals to receive Township Cash as a reward.

Visitors who come to your Zoo want to grab a snack or buy something else. Construct buildings like the Snack Bar or Cafe to sell different items you produce in your town. Put your items on display, give your customers some time to buy them, and then go back to the buildings to collect your rewards: coins, XP, and other valuable things.

Buying and breeding animals, constructing new buildings, and making sales give you popularity points. The more points you earn, the higher your Zoo’s level climbs. Each new level comes with new kinds of animals and buildings that let you further develop your Zoo.