Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – Daily Team Goal

Daily Team Goal is a goal set for you to complete with the help of your buddies! As each goal is met, you’ll earn rewards! Complete all three challenges within 24 hours to earn the Grand Prize! Hurry to beat the clock as the Daily Team Goal get’s reset everyday.

How do I add to my Team?

You can select players from a list of suggested buddies to join your team and help you complete your goal. Not all your buddies will appear in this list but the list will be updated based on buddies that are frequently played with.To edit who is on your team, tap "Edit Team" to pick different teammates for that day.  Your team is locked in for the day once you make your pick!Once you pick your team, their game activity will help you complete challenges and meet your goal.Note: If you added a player to your team, that does not mean you are instantly added to their team. Each player gets to pick their own team therefore you can be on someone’s team and they do not have to be on yours. Since everyone’s Daily Goal is the same, helping someone who’s team you’re on helps yourself too! 

How do I Complete Challenges?

Challenges will change daily and will include a variety of goals to meet. Your teammates will help contribute to each challenge and you can tap on them to see how much they have contributed.Everyone’s daily goal is the same so encouraging your teammates to help you, helps them complete their challenges too!

Why do I have to enable notifications?

Notifications are a great way to be up to date on what’s going on within the game. With Daily Team Goal, you will now be alerted when you are added to a team or when milestones are reached so you never miss a moment!


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