Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – Tournaments Overview

We’re excited to bring you the New Tournaments!Where can I play the New Tournaments?Tournaments can be found in the Events section of the app. The first entry into a tournament is free and re-entries will cost either 2 bonus rolls or a Tournament Ticket.(Note: Tournament Tickets are not usable for Championship Games)What are the new modes?There are 6 gameplay modes to be played in the New Tournaments:

  • Bingo: This mode is played on a Bingo-like grid of categories, either 3×3 or 4×4. Playing above a zero in an entire category line up/down, across, or diagonal will give you a Bingo Bonus of 40 points. Scoring a 0 in a category will disqualify you from getting a Bingo in the row the 0 category lives in.
  • Lightning Round: In this mode the game category board is shortened, making for lightning fast games!
  • New Scores!: This mode will add new categories to the board such as Evens, Odds and Two Pairs!
  • Multiplier Match: In this mode, a category or categories will be tagged with a multiplier (such as x2 or x3)
  • Wackee: This mode will combine all the modifiers from Multiplier Match, New Scores!, and Lightning Round to form a new “wackier” mode!
  • Classic: This is the traditional game you know and love! In this mode you will also need to beat either an opponent score or a prize score.

How do I win?Tournaments will be won by either beating your opponent’s score or beating the Prize Score (Example below)How do Leagues Work and What Can I Win??

  • Winning rounds of any of these new game types will win you more points to move you up the Tournament Leaderboard and win you Trophies!
  • Filling out the Trophy Meter in your league can unlock that league’s Custom Scoreboard and other Promotion Rewards as well as unlocking the next League!
  • As you climb the leagues, the Promotion Rewards get better and better! (Rare Custom Scoreboards, Prize Claw Tokens, Bonus Rolls, etc.)
  • After moving past the initial League, you can qualify for a Championship Tournament.
  • Placing high in a Championship Tournament can get you a Premium Scoreboard!


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