Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – Issues With Direct Carrier Billing in EU

There have been some recent changes to app store policies that place a limit on the amount of purchases a player can make using Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) as a form of payment in certain EU regions. If you would like to learn more you can visit this site for information. Customers will only be able to spend up to 50 EUR per transactionCustomers will only be able to spend up to 300 EUR per monthIf attempting to purchase using this method and you are getting an error message, using a different method of payment (Credit Card, Google Wallet, ect) will likely resolve the error message. If after attempting a a different form of payment and still getting the error message, please contact our support team by tapping on the Contact Us button on the top right of your screen and providing us the following information: – Which game you are experiencing this in- Your case sensitive Username or Account Code- What the error message says (screenshots are helpful in this case!)- What method of payment you are attempting to use


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