Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – How do I play in iMessage?

There’s a new way to play and enjoy Yahtzee With Buddies using your iOS device! Featuring Yahtzee With Buddies in iMessage!– Play directly inside an iMessage conversation– Play easily with contacts, friends and family on iMessage– Play faster with a compact game board and fewer categoriesCheck out the details below to find out how you can play: Starting a Game 

  • Open iMessage
  • Select anyone from your contacts to start a game with (User must have iOS10 to play)
  • Tap the “Apps” button
  • If you’ve played Yahtzee With Buddies recently, the iMessage App will appear here!  
  • If it doesn’t, tap the dashboard icon
  • Tap Yahtzee With Buddies icon! (If the Yahtzee With Buddies icon doesn’t appear, go to the store, and enable the app in the “manage” tab)
  • Tap the Big Green Play button! The game will now expand to full-screen.
  • NOTE: The Game Board is simplified down to 7 categories versus the full 13]

Playing your first move is very similar to the full game!

  • When you start a game, you start with 5 dice
  • Tap "Roll" to roll your dice
  • Save dice you don’t want to re-roll by selecting them
  • To re-roll unselected dice, Tap "Roll" again
  • NOTE: No bonus rolls are available in this version of the game. Only 3 rolls per turn!
  • Then wait for your opponent to play you back!

Playing your next moves

  • Whenever your opponent plays back, you will receive this move as a text message.
  • Tap on the text message bubble to expand the message and keep playing.             

Can I play a Game Between This Version and the Regular Version?

  • No, these versions of the game work independently.


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