Mahjong City Tours Guide – Tiles

Most Levels in Mahjong City Tours will consist of 144 Tiles on the Board, in various configurations. The majority of these will be marked with symbols that need to be matched into an identical pair in order to be removed from the Board.Most Levels will also have a number of ‘Season’ and ‘Flower’ tiles. These Tiles do not need to be matched with an identical symbol; any Season can be matched with any Season, and any Flower can be matched with any Flower!If Dog Tiles have been activated on a Level, these can also be freed and matched intopairs as normal.As the game progresses, players will come across some Tiles that behave differently:

  • Wrapped Tiles – These Tiles need to have Tiles removed from both sides in order to be playable. In some cases, Tiles may be double wrapped, in which case they need to have Tiles removed from all-four sides to be playable!
  • Block Tiles – These grey Tiles do not have a symbol, and cannot be matched into pairs or removed in any way! Players need to work around these in order to clear the Board.

A number of Tiles have special abilities which can aid players during the game:

  • Hint – Using this Tile will highlight a potential match. Matching two of the highlighted Tiles will cause a second potential match to be highlighted.
  • Bomb – This Tile will clear a number of Tile pairs from the board, even if they are currently blocked!
  • Shooting Star – This Tile boosts the Score Multiplier to its maximum amount for a limited time, work fast to get the most out of it!

These Tiles do not need to me matched to be used: simply free the Tile as normal to make it playable!Some Tiles are linked to the win-conditions for certain game modes:

  • Teddy Bear Tiles – Free the Teddy Bears to clear them from the Board.
  • Golden Tiles – Match Golden Tiles into pairs to remove them from the Board.
  • Suitcase Tiles – Remove the Tiles from on top of the Suitcase to open it, then fill it with Luggage to remove it.
  • Luggage Tiles – Free the Luggage to pack them into an open Suitcase.


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