Mahjong City Tours Guide – Can’t Proceed In-Game

As you progress through Mahjong City Tours, you will find that each City contains a number of checkpoints along the path, requiring Tickets to pass. Tickets are earned by collecting a certain number of Souvenirs as rewards from gameplay. These are received in the Gift boxes when a Level is completed.If you do not have the required number of Souvenirs to receive a Ticket by the time you reach the checkpoint, you will be able to replay previously completed levels in order to acquire any missing Souvenirs. Selecting the checkpoint on the path will highlight which completed Levels offer the required Souvenirs.To increase the chances of receiving Souvenirs (as well as the number received) when completing a Level, you can collect an extra Gift box by watching a video. You can also purchase additional Gift boxes for Coins, which increase in value for each one purchased.


Mahjong City Tours GUIDE