Who are VIPs? – World Chef Game guide

Once you have earned enough Popularity points VIPs will start to be interested in visiting your Restaurant!

You can find the VIPs hanging out in the Mansion once you have it unlocked.

VIPs are very demanding clients, and they will require your Restaurant to have specific Decorations if you want them to come and visit your Restaurant. Once you have the required Decoration, either in your Restaurant or in Storage a VIP will call your Restaurant.


VIP clients expect the very best culinary experience so you will need to make sure that you have been Leveling Up your dishes in the Academy for them! Once in the Mansion tapping on VIPs will display additional information like their background and favorite Dishes.


When you invite a VIP to your Restaurant they will line up on the red carpet. VIPs have priority access to your Restaurant so as soon as the next table is available they will be the first to enter your Restaurant.


Once the VIP has eaten and they leave, they will give you much more Gold than your regular clients. They will also give you Blueprints for their exclusive Decorations that you will not be able to get anywhere else, and also rare Gourmet Recipe Cards!

If you have satisfied the VIP who visited your Restaurant they will visit again and again. You can check on the status of a VIP and when they will visit your Restaurant next by clicking on the seaside Mansion.



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