Gardenscapes-Level 43

Gardenscapes-1. The main obstacle of this level is chains, so concentrate on breaking them first. Eliminate the upper chains on both sides as soon as possible to fill the bottom of the field with pieces and have more space for further actions.

2. Eliminate the chains on the bottom of the field, creating more automatches and combinations on the top. The chains in the center are the most difficult to break, so use power-ups or Rainbow blasts to clear them. You can get the Rainbow blast faster if you make combinations of the power-ups.

3. Once the field is cleared, eliminate as many pieces as possible per every move to make the lemonades appear and move to the bottom of the field faster. Automatches and power-ups created in the process will help you in that.

NOTE: only one lemonade can be on the field at a time, so the next one will appear only after you collect the first.