Brawl Stars-What are and why are there different ways to Brawl?-[English]

The bestway to play Brawl Stars is with friends. Sometimes (especially when startingout), it’s easier said than done. Luckily, we have developed different ways foryou to play that will remove the pressures this might cause. Play your way, andlet us know if you have any greater ideas.

BotBrawl: Think ofthis as a ‘practice zone’ where you play with and against bots. You will notgain trophies in Bot Brawl, but will still receive a few coins. This is a greatway to try new Brawlers out!

Brawl: This is the main game mode. Youwill be automatically assigned onto a team and face another team made up ofrandomly matched players. This is often the fastest way to just play the game,especially when you don’t care who you play with or against!

Co-opBrawl: This modeallows you to team up with real players against bots. We understand playingagainst bots isn’t always fun, now you can play with others and compete againstbots. Matchmaking is based on trophy count and the bots you face will becompetitive.

Create GameRoom: This meansyou can create a room and invite two of your friends to join your team andbattle together! If you create the room, just give them the exclusive room codeto be able to join. The only exception is the Showdown game mode where thereare no teams!