Brawl Stars-Game Modes-[English]

Each gamemode runs for 2 minutes 30 seconds. Currently there are 3 maps per game mode,but this of course, will increase and change as we are moving through Beta and new content is gradually addedto the game.

Bounty: In Bounty, defeat brawlers andclaim their star for your team. The more brawlers you defeat, the more stars onyour head, and the more you are worth to the opposing team. Each brawl laststwo and a half minutes and the team with the most stars wins the game. Kill anddon’t be killed is the name of the game.

Showdown: Quite literally, survival of thefittest. In this game mode, roam around the map taking out anything that moves.Breaking barrels will give you a health and attack boost. Don’t stray too farout, as there are damaging gas clouds closing in on you, shrinking the map sizeand forcing you towards the center of the map. Blow up crates you see to gainhealth and increase your max health at the same time!

Use allyour cunning and guile to be the last one standing. Remember, there can only beone.

Heist: One safe. Two teams. Either you’retrying to break into the safe, or you’re trying to defend it. Choose yourBrawler wisely, as it’s make or break this time round. Work as a wolf pack tostrategically complete your objective. Good team work is essential to victoryand remember, time is not your friend!

Smash & Grab: Work with your team to grab 10 crystalsspilling from the center of the map. The team that grabs 10 crystals and holdsonto them for the duration of the ‘Countdown’ wins! Always keep one eye forcover and one on your health bar, if you die, you drop all the crystals you areholding and then it’s a free-for-all. Aim fast and move faster!