Brawl Stars-Choosing control types?-[English]

Brawl Starswill start you using one of two possible control methods: Tap to move orvirtual joystick, neither is wrong, but one may feel more ‘right’ and easier tograsp. The only way to know which one is for you is to give both a chance andsee where your preference lies.

Pro Tip:Holding a finger down on the screen will bring up your attack cone, for moreprecise targeting.

Tap toMove

Tap thescreen to make your Brawler move to that position. To attack, swipe your fingertowards your target and release!


Move yourBrawler around with a floating virtual joystick. Tap on your targets to attack.You can also attack your targets by swiping towards them, if you wish! Thismode makes it possible to attack while moving, but is harder to attack whenyour Brawler is stationary.