Brawl Stars-What is "Safe and Fair Play"?-[English]

Safe and Fair Play is our effort to provide a secure environment for all Supercell games.
In pursuing that goal, we do not tolerate cheating or fraudulent behaviour – it is strictly prohibited by Supercell’s Terms of Service.
We consider “bot” and “mod” use cheating, and strongly encourage players to remove any of the aforementioned programs from their devices.
Trying to gain unfair advantage by using prohibited 3rd party software can lead to permanent ban of any offending accounts.
By offering this warning, we hope to give all players a chance to enjoy our games the fair way.
  • This is an ongoing initiative designed to safeguard all Supercell games going forward – disciplinary actions can happen at any point in time
  • We take this matter very seriously; all bans follow careful investigation
  • We do not process appeals for bans or suspensions
  • We will not debate bans on our forums, social media, support tickets, emails, letters, phone calls or any other method of communication
You can access the extended version of Supercell’s Safe and Fair Play Policy here.