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Arena of Valor – Mysterious season

Eerily exciting and frighteningly fun — “Mysterious” season begins! 😱 Beat levels to earn season points and win amazing rewards 🎁 You need to earn a certain amount of points to unlock each reward and the following stage. The amount of points you earn for

Arena of Valor – Campfire Stories

Is there anything cozier than sitting by the campfire with good company? We don’t think so… 🏕️ Collect blackberries to complete event stages and earn the main prize 😊 The event has several stages. For each stage you complete, you’ll get an intermediate reward –

Arena of Valor – Clouds

Fluffy clouds have begun floating into your garden ☁️ And not for nothing!Look! There’s something underneath them 🔍 To find out what these clouds hide, make matches and explode power-ups next to them💥 Your garden Rakes and Shovels can also help remove them 💪 One

Arena of Valor – Multistage levels

Multistage levels have multiple stages – complete the level goals on the first field to move to the next!The menu on the left shows the level’s overall moves and goals 💪Here’s some tips:🍏 You’ll see all the stages when you start the level – keep