Arena of Valor – Night of the Living Decorations

Do you like scary movies? 😱 Decorate your garden and help the film crew create the scariest showcase with Austin as the main villain! 🧛

You’ll need a special currency — pumpcoins. Earn them by completing regular levels and “Golden Cup” levels. Your collected credits only count if you beat the level.

🎃 Regular level – 65 pumpcoins;
🎃 Hard level – 75 pumpcoins;
🎃 Super hard level – 90 pumpcoins.

The event is divided into three stages. For completing each stage you get an amazing prize, and the final reward is the spookiest treehouse 🏚️

🕷️Please note:🕷️
🕸️ This event is available to players above level 26 that have unlocked the “Fountain” area.
🕸️ You get to keep all your purchased decorations! If you want to change them after the event is over, simply tap on the decoration and select your desired design.
🕸️ At the end of the event, your leftover credits will be exchanged for boosters.
🕸️ During this event, you can only decorate the area around the mansion, not the mansion itself.