Arena of Valor – Mysterious season

Eerily exciting and frighteningly fun — “Mysterious” season begins! 😱 Beat levels to earn season points and win amazing rewards 🎁

You need to earn a certain amount of points to unlock each reward and the following stage. The amount of points you earn for each level depends on its difficulty and the number of attempts you take to beat it. This season has 30 stages with two chains of rewards: free rewards and special golden rewards 😍

By activating the Golden Ticket, you can win valuable prizes such as a curious owl and its house 🦉

And that’s not all — the Golden Ticket also features fantastic bonuses that last until the end of the season:
– More lives: the limit is increased from five to eight lives 💗
– An upgraded chargeable power-up in levels: each rainbow blast appears with two extra firecrackers ⚡🧨🧨
– A golden profile picture frame and your name in gold 🥇
– A Prize Chest: after you complete all the event stages you can exchange season points for coins, stars, power-ups, and unlimited lives! 💰

🕷️Please note:🕷️
🕸️ The event is available to players who have unlocked the “Fountain” area.
🕸️ The Golden Ticket is only active for one season. Once the season ends, the temporary bonuses will no longer be available. The game will go back to its regular mode, but you get to keep the decor and pet you’ve earned!
🕸️ Even after purchasing the Golden Ticket, you’ll need to complete the season’s stages to earn special golden rewards.