Mobile Legends – How to change the color of name


Landing point selection:

The first key to survival is not to skydive in advance. Friends walk together for life, whoever parachutes first is the dog. Once you enter the island, you will be prompted to press F. You can adjust the third-person perspective to see behind the plane. When F can be pressed, there will be a crowd of people behind it, like dumplings. The map is so big, there are so many supplies, and there are so many people. If you skydive in advance, you may be beaten to death by several people with fists and pans as soon as you land. Maybe even if you survive, you won’t be able to pick up any supplies.

Therefore, don’t skydive in advance, wait until the middle or end of the island before jumping. Before skydiving, look at the map and right-click to mark where you want to go. Jump to a big city or a location far away from the flight route.

Prepare to skydive

Adjust skydiving direction and landing point

There will be a lot of people landing near military bases, air raid shelters, and schools. When skydiving, it is not recommended for novices to land in these resource-intensive areas. It is also not recommended to land in ruins that are too remote, such as the ruins of S Mountain. Not only are resources scarce, but also often because of the lack of resources. The safe zone was too far away and he was poisoned.
The position of the plane is random. But there are also rules. The aircraft’s flight route must pass within the first wave of radiation circle. Generally, you will be out of the safe zone about 30 seconds after landing (the time to clear the safe zone is when the last person lands). If no one jumps to a place with you, after landing, you can choose to search for a house near the car and wait to clear the circle. If someone jumps to the same place as you, you are relatively sure that you can pick up the gun first, otherwise you can just run to the car. Because dying on the ground means missing a handful of chickens, or missing two or three of the top five. So there is no need to risk your life just because of one person, try to just pick up the car and go.

Generally, houses with roofs have guns on the roof. If you parachute accurately, you can directly land on the roof and gain a lot of weight.