Mobile Legends – How to change the color of name

Sometimes maybe want change the color of name,How can do that?

Step one:

Write a special code before setting the name to change the color.

Step two:

Note that the code is a lowercase English letter f plus the number 0.

Step three:

Simpler [ff0000] Red [00ff00] Green [0000ff] Blue [ffff00] Yellow [ff00ff] Purple

Step four:

After entering the game for the first time and writing your name, there will be a free chance to change your name.

The following is a demonstration.

For example, we want to name [Blue?],

Then the color is blue,

Then our format should be: [0000ff]Blue?

Pay attention to the uppercase and lowercase English letters and the number zero I mentioned above,

Then it is to use English symbols instead of Chinese for the frame.