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Mahjong City Tours Guide – Missing Purchases

All purchases made in-game are facilitated by your device platforms relevant App Store. This requires coordination between the game server and the App Store’s system to deliver the purchased items.Any delay or lag in the connection may prevent a purchase from being delivered immediately; if

Mahjong City Tours Guide – Disconnections

Disconnections are an unfortunate reality of online mobile gaming. While Mahjong City Tours does not require an online connection to play (only to access some features,) interruptions to the connection while playing online can lead to issues in gameplay.If playing online, ensure that the device

Mahjong City Tours Guide – Leagues

The Tournament is divided into five Leagues; Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.Players can move up and down between Leagues based on their final rankings; achieving a top tank at the end of a League will promote you to the next League up for the