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Beginner’s Survival Guide
If this is a real world, at least you must understand the “Law of the Dark Forest”. What is the Law of the Dark Forest?
This is a dark forest. Each player is a hunter with a gun, sneaking in the forest like a ghost, gently pushing aside the branches blocking the road, trying not to make any sound with his footsteps, and even breathing must be careful: he must Be careful, because there are stalking hunters like him everywhere in the forest. If he finds other life, there is only one thing he can do: shoot and eliminate it. In this forest, other people are hell and an eternal threat. Any life that exposes its existence will soon be wiped out. This is the picture of cosmic civilization, and this is the explanation of the Fermi Paradox. Once discovered, only one party can survive, or neither party can survive.

  1. Survival is your first need.
  2. Your materials continue to grow and expand, but the total amount of materials in the game basically remains unchanged.

For airdropped supply boxes, a hunter in a dark forest suddenly sees a location in the forest marked by characters that all hunters can recognize. Assuming there are a hundred hunters in the forest, there may be ninety people interested in this Ignore the sign; among the remaining ten hunters, nine may detect that location and ignore it after confirming that there are no creatures; then among the last three remaining hunters, someone will definitely make a decision. This choice: try firing a shot at that location. Attacking may be less labor-intensive and safer than detection. If there is really nothing at that location, you will have nothing to lose. But you have to know that the attack itself will reveal the attacker’s location, so try not to try it unless you have no supplies, can’t survive, and can’t protect yourself and are desperate.

There are more Koreans and more Chinese people playing this game because of the influence of H1z1 survival. I won’t go into detail on some discrimination issues.

Although the position of the plane is random. But there are also rules. The aircraft’s flight route must pass within the first wave of radiation circle. The first key to survival is not to skydive in advance. Friends walk together for life, whoever parachutes first is the dog. Once you enter the island, you will be prompted to press F. You can adjust the third-person perspective to see behind the plane. When F can be pressed, there will be a crowd of people behind it, like dumplings. The map is so big, there are so many supplies, and there are so many people. If you skydive in advance, you may be beaten to death by several people with fists and pans as soon as you land. Maybe even if you survive, you won’t be able to pick up any supplies.

Therefore, don’t skydive in advance, wait until the middle or end of the island before jumping. Before skydiving, look at the map and right-click to mark where you want to go. Jump to a big city or a location far away from the flight route.

Don’t open the parachute bag in advance and let it open automatically, otherwise you will suffer a loss. There may be someone waiting for you to land with a gun.

If there are other people near the landing, and there are only two or three houses in front of you, and a fight is unavoidable, you can turn on the audio and ask, is your brother a Chinese? If no one answers, run into the house and pick up the gun. Guard the door. If the answer is Chinese, you can say, don’t kill our brothers, they are all Chinese, don’t kill them if they take off their pants. Let’s pick up the gun and kill the outsider (I survived this way several times) and then you pick up the gun silently, be careful, sneak away quietly, or kill him (I don’t agree with teaming up in solo mode).

Generally, houses with roofs have guns on the roof. If you parachute accurately, you can directly land on the roof and gain a lot of weight. There are also a lot of supplies in the military base. The three buildings in the Sanheyuan (a place with a round flower bed in the middle) were searched for fertilizer. 8x 4x mirrors and various guns were often painted inside. Moreover, the road to the north of the building is frequently brushed with traffic.

There are more supplies in the taller row of towers next to it. The rest are in big cities, which definitely have more supplies and more people than small towns.

All guns, except sniper, can press B to adjust single shot or continuous shot. For sniper, you can adjust the scope distance to zero. M16 and AK are more of the worst. The M16 fires three bursts, and the rate of fire is very fast when you click the mouse wildly.

One thing to note. For all except M16 and Charge, do not use burst mode.

SCAR is good. However, the recoil is huge, so it is excellent for sniping when all accessories are required. Naked guns are not recommended.

HK416 is very stable and comes with a complete set of accessories. It can be used as a sniper without shaking, but it is difficult to find. The accessory slot has one more tray than the SCAR.