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Gear.Club – What is Gear.Club?

Gear.Club is an immersive racing game that brings you an authentic driving experience to enjoy solo, with friends or players from around the world to compete against! INCREDIBLE GAMEPLAY: Experience a realistic driving experience as you explore the breathtaking settings in numerous tracks to race

Gear.Club – How do I disable push notifications?

Want to disable notifications on your device? No problem. Just follow these steps: Locate your device settings; Select “Notifications”; Select the game from your Application list > Configure notifications. There are many preferences to choose from, allowing you to continue using certain notifications, while disabling

Gear.Club – I have no sound in the game

Check out the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps if you have an iOS / Apple device: First, make sure that you have not accidentally muted your phone as follows: Second, verify that both music and SFX options in the game are turned up. You can access these from

Gear.Club – I didn’t get my order!

Orders are always intended to deliver instantly. However, delays are possible whilst the purchase is being processed. Avoid making multiple purchases by not going through the buying options again.If you’re using an iOS deviceIf you haven’t received a purchase made more than 24 hours ago,

Gear.Club – What are assists?

Assists are settings that help to facilitate and improve your driving experience. Your car will become harder or easier to drive based on the levels that the assists are set to.We recommend that you adjust your assists gradually and find the setting that works for