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Wonderland – How to report a cheater?

If you believe a player in the game is cheating (e.g. gaining high scores in the competitions in an extremely short time), please take a screenshot and report it to Customer Support with a detailed explanation.We will not tolerate and accept any cheating and fraud.

Wonderland – Our official communities

Below you will find a list of official Wonderland communities on social networks:- Our Facebook page: Our Twitter (coming soon)- Our Instagram (coming soon)- Our YouTube channel (coming soon)The listed official communities are the only places we publish news, share pictures, and announce contests.

Wonderland – The game is very slow

Please try some of these steps first:1. Restart your device and launch the game again.2. Delete the game and reinstall it. Make sure your game is connected to your Facebook account so you won’t lose your progress!3. Check for available game updates in the application

Wonderland – How do I disable notifications?

You can turn off game notifications in your device settings.For iOS devices:1. Open your device’s Settings.2. Find Wonderland in the application list and select it.3. Go to Notifications and turn off Allow Notifications.For Android devices:1. Open your device’s Settings -> Applications.2. Find Wonderland in the