How to use high power lens PUBG Guide


How to use high power lens
How to use high power lens in PUBG? I believe that many new friends don’t know how to use it. Today I will show you how to use the PUBG high power lens. Let’s take a look.

How to use high power lens

Some guns can be equipped with scopes, holograms, red dots, 4x, 8x, and I heard there are 15x sights.

Right-click to use the scope.

Right-click and hold down to aim.

When using a scope, holding down shift will create a screen sucking effect to make the scope more stable.

What accelerator is best to use?
Since PUBG is still in the EA version, there are many unsatisfactory aspects in the game, such as optimization and the lack of Asian servers. Many players often encounter situations where they cannot connect to the Internet. Today, the editor will bring you reviews of various accelerators in the game. Players who are hesitant about which accelerator to use may wish to click in and take a look.

Evaluation of various accelerators

The first is Dolphin. This accelerator has the largest number of trolls. Tieba and live broadcast rooms are all filled with Dolphin advertisements.

Let me tell you guys who are planning to buy a game and want to buy an accelerator. Don’t buy Dolphin. Countless people who follow the crowd have been tricked by buying Dolphin. This accelerator puts all its energy into advertising instead of updating products. , you buy and you suffer a loss.

Then there is the Moon Wheel accelerator. I bought the Moon Wheel accelerator based on the recommendation of a certain anchor. I used it for 4 days, but then I could no longer log into the game. I contacted Moon Wheel customer service and asked the technician there to remotely operate my computer and updated it. The graphics card driver was not fixed, so they ignored it and said no refunds would be given after 3 days. Damn you, my classmate opened a new moon wheel, which worked for the first three days, and then logged in on the fourth day. If you don’t play the game, the reason is the same, and no refund will be given after three days.

The moon wheel is my personal experience. I hope it can help everyone avoid this fire pit.

Let me tell you a few. I use a good accelerator.

8lag is what I am currently using. My classmates started using it very early. It is very stable and highly recommended.

I have used the trial version of Qiyou for two days. It is very smooth and has no lag during use. Moreover, the reputation of Tieba is not bad, and it does not look like an advertisement.

Then there is Linglong. The experience time of this accelerator is only two hours. I only played it twice, and it was not bad during use.