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Bingo Pop Guide – Club Levels

You’ll be able to increase your Club Level by earning Club XP, which is the reward your Club will receive for placing in the top 10,000 Clubs in any Club Collection Event. Increasing your Club level will allow you to collect more Daily Club Bonus

Bingo Pop Guide – Bingo Battles

Welcome to Seasonal Bingo Battles! Look for this icon in the Bingo lobby to access Bingo Battles!Unlock and explore as many Lands as you can in the Bingoverse! Build and upgrade special Monuments on your Land to receive HUGE prizes!You’ll need “Monument Points” to build

Bingo Pop Guide – Guest Usernames

When playing Bingo Pop for the first time as a Guest, a random username will be generated and assigned to your account (e.g., SmoothDauby01). Having a unique username helps with differentiating other Guest players. This comes especially helpful when trading or sending Gifts.Currently, Guest usernames