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Bingo Pop Guide – Stage Events

Stage Events are limited-time Bingo Stages that offer a variety of unique rewards, puzzles, and gameplay! These Stage Events appear at the beginning of the Bingo Lobby, next to the banners (or just before Jake’s Shakes). Here’s an example using Super Squad!Stage Events are marked

Bingo Pop Guide – Joining a Club

If you haven’t joined a Club yet, you can either create one or join one that’s already made!There are two types of Clubs; Private, and Public. You can apply to a private Club or join a public Club. “Apply” means you will have to wait

Bingo Pop Guide – Gold Ticket

This Gold Ticket item is a reward that you may have seen around in limited-time Sales and in Special Goals! This item unlocks special Bingo Event rooms, such as, "Psychic Reading" or "Mad Scientist". When claiming the Gold Ticket, the Event room will automatically appear

Bingo Pop Guide – What are Puzzles?

Most Bingo Rooms have Puzzles that you can complete and redeem for Cherries. Collect Puzzle pieces by daubing Puzzle tiles on your Bingo Cards, then add the pieces to your Puzzle to complete the picture. Each time you complete a Puzzle, you’ll get a reward! The

Bingo Pop Guide – Sunrise Diner Recipes

List of successful recipes with ingredients:1. Blueberry Crepes –  Egg, Seasoning, Butter, Maple Syrup2. Fancy Omelette & Fruit – Egg, Seasoning, Strawberry, Maple Syrup3. Strawberry Danish – Seasoning, Seasoning, Strawberry, Batter4. Egg in a Hole – Egg, Avocado, Seasoning, Batter5. Sausage & Avocado English Muffin

Bingo Pop Guide – Pursuit Stages

The rules for Pursuit Stages differ from regular Bingo. In these Stages, the goal is to find the Special Items on your Cards by daubing called numbers. Special Items are randomly hidden behind each tile on your Cards! The goal is to get object “A”