Battlelands Royale – Season 11 – What’s new?

The new Season is here and as usual it brings a brand new Battle Pass with amazing characters, melee weapons, Battle Flags and parachutes!NEW CONSUMABLES!Two amazing looking trap consumables have arrived! The Incendiary Trap and Freeze Trap will take the strategic gameplay to a whole new level! With the Incendiary Trap you will be able to pick a spot and set it on fire, taking health out of anyone that dares to pass by. And the Freeze Trap can also be set in any spot of the battlefield but this time you will slow down the enemies. Hot tip: they are great assets for bridges, especially when the storm is coming! FAIR PLAY!You can now report players who knocked you down by unfair means.NEW BUNDLE!Gus, the new and not-so-cute teddy bear is available from an epic new bundle, including:- 15 points to Gus character- 5 Incendiary Traps- 5 Freeze Traps- 5 Storm Helmets