What are Alliance Wars? – Puzzle Combat Game guide

  • Alliance Wars occur twice each week.
  • All players in an Alliance are allowed to partake in Alliance Wars.
  • Wars have a Preparation Phase during which players can edit their War Defense Team. Please Note – Once War has begun, it will no longer be possible to edit your defense Team, so plan ahead!
  • The goal of Alliance Wars is to earn points for your alliance by defeating enemy heroes with War Attack Teams.
  • A player can attack multiple times with different Attack Teams during an Alliance War.
  • Each hero can only be used once for attacking in an Alliance War.
  • Defending Teams are supported by War Rules in combat (Artillery Barrage, Attack Boost or Field Aid).
  • When the War Timer runs out, the Alliance with more points wins.
  • All participating players get loot for their efforts in the war. The players of the winning team have increased chance for better loot.
  • All Alliances are automatically matched against a suitable opposing Alliance based on their War Score. The goal is to match Alliances of similar War Scores.
  • Player level requirement (12) to participate in wars.


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