What are Rare War Machines? – Puzzle Combat Game guide

In general, Rare War Machines function the same as regular War Machines. You will receive a score and rewards based on the damage you inflict. All rewards are received once the War Machine has been defeated – or if undefeated – once it has escaped.Unlike regular War Machines, Rare War Machines are much more difficult to defeat and appear only rarely. Compared to regular War Machines, Rare War Machines have much higher health, a stronger Special Skill and will reflect the damage from a certain element. Rare War Machines will also offer a bonus chance to receive a high-level Promotion Item as an additional reward. Please note – this additional reward is not guaranteed and the chances of receiving the Bonus Reward is random.Rare War Machines appear only by defeating regular War Machines.If you have joined an Alliance after the Rare War Machine has spawned, you will receive reduced War Machine loot and will not be eligible for the bonus loot. This includes the chance to receive the High-Level Promotion Item. You can find more information here: Why Did I Get Reduced War Machine Loot?


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