How can I share my meals with other users? – Android – Lifesum guide

You now have the option to share your tracked meals in your diary with other users in the Lifesum app. Sender:1) In order to share an already tracked meal from your diary, please go to the meal section you would like to track (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) and click on the three dots to the right of the meal title and then on Share2) On the next screen you can choose between Share with friend (so they can track the meal in their Diary) or Share on social (sharing it on Instagram, Facebook. etc)3) On the next page choose how to send / publish 4) On the next page you see the preview of the meal you are about to share and can still edit 5) You then see a message preview and can click on the send iconThen your meal has been shared. Receiver:1) Click on the message received2) You will then get a meal preview3) In order to track the meal, click Add food4) Choose on the next page which meal you would like to track the food items toThe meal has been tracked in your diary.


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