Obstacles – Sugar Smash: Book of Life Guide

Churros: Make matches on top of churros to clear them. It takes multiple matches to clear chocolate-layered churros. Bread: Make a match next to bread to clear them. Chocolate: Make a match next to the chocolate to clear them. It takes multiple matches to clear multi-layered chocolates. Portals: The portals act as entrances (blue) and exits (purple) for the candies. Pastry Plate: Make matches next to plates of pastries to remove the pastries. Each match removes one pastry. Flan: Make matches next to flan to remove the flan. Flan with a cherry on top takes an extra match to remove. Color Pie: Make matches next to a color pie to fill in the colors. If you fill in the pie completely you’ll receive a rainbow booster.  Bone Cage: Candies encased in the bone cage can’t be moved. Make matches from the outside or use super candies to remove the cage. Candy Changer: The candy changer will replace candies with different candies after every move.Glass: Candies encased in glass can’t be moved! Make matches with candies in the glass from the outside, or use super candies to destroy the glass.Dulce: Make matches next to the to dulce to remove it. Be careful – if left unchecked the dolce will multiply and take over your entire game. Bubble: Make matches from the outside or use super candies to remove the bubble from the candies!Walls: A non-breakable line barrier between tiles that prevents candies from moving through them.Corn: Make matches over ice in order to reveal the corn! Layered Rock Candy: Layered rock candies can only be broken when you make two matches of the same color next to it.Chocolate Dulce: A piece that will explode into Dulce de Leche when matched next to. Gift Box: Clear the gift box in a normal match in order to receive the reward! If you clear the gift box before the timer is up, you’ll receive a positive reward, but if you clear it after the timer runs out, you may receive a bad reward!


Sugar Smash: Book of Life Game GUIDE