What are Training Schools? – Puzzle Combat Game guide

Need more heroes? Train your own in your Training Schools! Upgrading your Training Schools provides a different type of hero, with chances for Rare, Epic and Legendary heroes at the higher level Training Schools.Each Training School requires food, loot and recruits to train heroes, and iron to upgrade. There are three (3) phases to the Training Schools:

  • Upgrade: as you level up your Stronghold, you can upgrade your Training Schools. Each new level unlocks a new type of hero training.
  • Research: after the Training School is finished upgrading, you will need to research before you can train new heroes. Researching requires food, the higher level research you do the more the food cost. Please note – researching does not result in a hero. Only training will result in a new hero.
  • Train: Once the research is complete, you can start training your heroes! Each type of hero requires different resources as well as training times.


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