Last Day on Earth: Survival – Season 10: Hunting Season

Time to hunt! There were a lot of rumors about them, and all of them seemed accurate – real zombie hunters came to our lands. You can meet them at Field Camp; in the same very place you can get contracts for the capture of unseen new species of the living dead.Hunter Fox is waiting next to the containers in the Field Camp, if you just catch zombies, then you’ll earn his type of reputation. There is a workbench nearby that allows you to create several types of nets. The stronger the net, the more chances the enemy will not break out. You can also help to study captured zombies, which is exactly Robert’s agenda, in the room nearby. In this case, as you might guess, you’ll get a good reputation with him and scientists. Science, however, is a lot more expensive domain, now you will find special items that, at the end of the hunt, need to be placed in the device located next to Robert. Laboratory packs serve the same purpose, they, as well as nets, can be purchased in the game store (one pack can also be found in the Field Camp, if you search it well). As the season progresses, some other event-locations will appear on the global map, there you can also get hold of items for scientific work, or maybe even find out where new zombies came from!So how exactly do you hunt, you say? After making sure that you have a sufficient number of the nets with you, you select the contract you like on the board next to Fox or on the device next to Robert, and then go to the location specified in the contract.Pay attention to everything that is said in the description, in order to lure out some rare zombies, you must first perform certain actions. The weather conditions, which have now appeared in the game, also can easily ruin your hunt. For example, hunting zombies in a thunderstorm can cause some electric damage to your character, if he’s near metal structures, so be careful! To catch a zombie, you just need to attack him, when the enemy weakens – go near and press the action button, the character will throw a net at him. If this process is somehow interrupted, if you do not throw the net for too long, or if you leave the specified location, the zombies will need to be attacked again.All that remains is to return to the camp and confirm the accomplishment of the contract, in the case of Robert, you’ll also need to conduct research on the same device on which you took the contract. Good luck! 🙂

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