How do I add an RSS feed? – Flipboard guide

In order to add an RSS feed to your profile you must have a Publisher Account. If you don’t already have a Flipboard Account, go here to create a Publisher Account. If you already have a Flipboard Account, but it is not a Publisher Account, log in to your account on the web and go to the settings drop down to upgrade.Once you have a Flipboard Publisher Account, on your profile page you’ll be able to submit an RSS feed. Before submitting your RSS feeds for approval, please ensure that you’ve followed our RSS Guidelines. When reviewing your feeds, we take into consideration the quality of the content you are including as well as the way it is rendering on Flipboard.The best way to add RSS content is to make a Flipboard Magazine for each topic your publication covers. This will help organize your profile, making it easier for your readers to follow the channels they are most interested in. If all RSS feeds are added to one magazine, it can make the magazine seem unfocused.You have complete control over the articles you share in your profile and magazines on Flipboard – whether it’s through the RSS feed you provide us or when you are manually curating magazines.


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