How do I prevent articles from paywall sources from appearing in my feed? – Flipboard guide

Why am I seeing articles asking me to sign in?If you open an article and it prompts you to sign in, then the source that published the article has a paywall. A paywall is a method wherein the source has restricted the amount of “free” articles before requiring a subscription to access their full content.Some integrated services, such as the Washington Post and New York Times, and non-integrated services have paywalls. Other sources may move to this model.How do I prevent content from these sources from appearing in my feed?If subscribing to a paywall source that is integrated into Flipboard is not an option, and you would rather not see articles from these sources, you can mute them.Mute a source in iOS or Android app:1. While viewing an article from a source you’d like to mute, tap to view your menu options2. Select Less like this3. Select MuteMute a source in cannot mute or manage muted sources in Follow the steps above to mute a source from either the iOS or Android apps.The article you muted the source from will be hidden from your feed. Articles from that source will no longer appear in Flipboard.


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