Matchington Mansion – How do I get furniture from other players’ mansions?

You could get other players’ furniture by visiting their mansions. There are two ways to visit other players’ mansions:To visit your in-game friends’ mansion: Click the button at the bottom left of the game’s home page and then click the middle button at the bottom, you will see your friends list. On each of your friend’s tab, there is a green button. You can enter your friends’ mansions by clicking this button. You can also visit players who are not your friends yet: Go to your friend list — Find the tab called Random Person — Click the green “Visit” button to visit a random player.After entering someone’s house, on some furniture you could see a yellow exclamation mark, that means you could unlock this furniture from his/her house. When you return to your mansion, hold and press your old furniture, the new furniture option will appear on the furniture list. You can then spend coins to buy this furniture.


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