Dawn of Titans – Why do some Alliances have millions of Souls at the beginning of the Hachiman Leaderboard Event?

Update as of 01/04/2021 9;40 AM GMT:Please see below some Q&A’s regarding this issue:Q: Why do I have Souls collected for this event when it just started and I just barely participated in it?A: We spotted a problem with our server which carried over a score from a previous event to this one. Those who took part during that time will see an increased amount of Soul count in their games for this event. Q: My Soul count didn’t increase the same as the other players, can I still get the rewards for it?A: By continuously participating in the current event, you will be able to collect the Souls needed to receive the rewards.Q: Can you compensate players who were affected by this issue?A: We are thankful that players immediately raised this issue to us. Our team is looking into the compensation requests and we will update everyone here or via our Social channels and Blog site soon.Blog site: are aware that some Alliances gained millions of Souls at the start of the event which caused all the rewards to be unlocked.The team is investigating this at the moment and we will post an update here once we have more details.Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


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