Matchington Mansion – I lost my game progress, what should I do?

Please try the following suggestions:1. Restart your device.2. Reconnect to Facebook if it was previously connected.3. Wait until the data sync popup appears, choose the Use Found Game Data if you want to use your previous progress.When you are transferring data, after you connect the new game to the same Facebook account you used on the old device, the data sync popup might not appear directly after the connection. You can try following ways to let the data sync popup appear.1. Restart the game directly after connecting to Facebook.2. Go through new user tutorials on the new device, after that, go to Settings and connect the game to Facebook.If the problem still persists, contact our customer support and provide the following information:1. A detailed description of the problem.2. The level you were at.3. What happened before your progress was lost (reinstalled the game, switched devices, updated the operating system, etc.).Please provide as much information as you have, as it can speed up the whole issue-solving process.


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