Clash of Kings – Blessing of Ancestor

The soul of the ancestors who guarded the imperial temple felt the enthusiasm and loyalty of the people on the mainland of CoK and brought the Holy Gospel to the mainland.

It is said that during the ancestral blessing, you can receive up to 10000000 Civilization Crystals while completing the indicated quests of Ancestor Soul!

To make sure that the Lords continue to love this continent, the ancestors prepared a series of quests: The Daily Blessing, The Blessing of This Period, and The Blessing of Achievement.

1. Daily blessing: Use a certain number of Civilization Crystal to get a large number of Civilization Crystal, Popular Books, and The Ancient Scroll. The more Civilization Crystal you use, the more rewards you will receive!

2. The blessing of this period: when the number of accumulated Civilization Crystal reaches a certain amount, the blessings of this period will be unlocked.

3. Blessing of Achievement: The more science of the Ancestral Spirit you research, the more blessing of achievement you can unlock. Receive a large number of civilization crystals and accelerators, they will help you to improve attributes of the ancestor soul faster~

You can also get more items after unlocking the privileges of blessing~

Blessing of Ancestor is only available from  today to June 1st. Tap Civilization Temple – Blessing of Ancestor to get involved!

Introduction:Complete the quests to get super prizes.The types of quests:Daily Blessing: the quests of this type will be reset reach day 0:00.Blessing in this event: the quests of this type will reset each time when this event opens.Blessing of achievement: the quests of this type can be completed once only; once completed, you won’t get it anymore.To get the extra rewards of these 3 kinds of blessing, you need to pay for each of them.


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