Last Shelter: Survival – Territory Garrison Rules

Basic Garrison Rules

Troops can garrison on territories belonging to you or your Guild members. These troops will automatically fight when enemy troops attack. Garrisoned Troops will defend in a 1-plot radius around the plot they are garrisoned on.

Garrisoned troop count for you, your allies, and your enemies will be diferentiated by color on the territories.


Combat Order

If the territory being attacked consists of multiple groups of Garrisoned Troops, then combat deployment will be based on Garrisoned Time, starting with the latest group and ending with the earliest group.


Auto-return Ratio

When deploying troops to garrison on a territory, an Auto-return Ratio can be set (0~100% Garrison troops will automatically return to base when the remaining garrison troops drop below this ratio. Dead and lightly/heavily injured troops to not count into the remaining troops.

The Auto-return Ratio can be adjusted for Troops already garrisoned on a territory by going to their Details interface.


Territory Ownership Changes

If a territory is successfully attacked and occupied an enemy, troops that were garrisoned on the territory will immediately begin returning to base. Garrisoned troops on surrounding territories will not be affected.

If a territory’s ownership changes due to abandonment or leaving a Guild, then Garrisoned Troops that do not meet the territory’s Garrison requirements will immediately begin returning to base.


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