Community Event: Community Face-Off – The Walking Dead: Our World

Community Event: Community Face-Off

It’s time for you to choose your Faction! Alexandria or Hilltop?During this Community Event, we will have 2 different factions, Alexandria and Hilltop.

  • Alexandria lead by Rick Grimes and accompanied by Michonne, Carl Grimes, Siddiq, Abraham, Glenn, Rosita, Morgan and Negan
  • Hilltop lead by Maggie and accompanied by Carol, Tara, Yumiko, Ezekiel, Eugene, Daryl, Jesus, and Shiva

Between January 11th and January 15th, play any mission with your favorite Hero from the faction you support to earn 1 point for that faction. If a Hero exists in more than one rarity, all rarities count to the specific faction.On January 16th at 09.00 UTC we will announce which faction collected the most points in total. The event reward will be a set of Hero Cards from the winning faction and will be available in the shop after the event as a Free Pack. The reward pack is available for all players regardless of which faction you supported.

  • If Alexandria wins: 2x Legendary Rick, 15x Epic Siddiq, 15x Epic Rosita, 50x Rare Michonne, 50x Rare Carl Grimes, 50x Rare Glenn and 50x Rare Morgan
  • If Hilltop wins: 2x Legendary Maggie, 10x Epic Tara, 10x Epic Eugene, 10x Epic Jesus, 100x Rare Carol and 100x Rare Daryl

DatesStarts on Monday January 11th and ends on Friday January 15th at 23:59 UTC.


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