Last Day on Earth: Survival – Chinese New Year 2021

Our old-timers probably remember how they helped a brave girl named Mu Lan a long time ago, since then many these players, as well as new ones, who missed the event, but still heard good things about it, asked us if something like this would happen again. Wait is over, the classics are back!The event is available to players who have reached level 15 and will only last for two weeks. It is worth mentioning that this is not a new season (which will start sometime later). Therefore, you’ll be able to take tasks only in new locations, Premium or its weekly tasks, for example, will not be available during the event.However, you will meet new (or, for some, well-forgotten old) characters and, if you help them, the reward will definitely follow as well! Mu Lan will offer travelers 3 tasks each day, you’ll probably also meet someone else who needs the service of a skilled survivor 😉 If you do not want to perform tasks, then you can compete with Mu Lan to prove who better warrior is!Explore new locations, fight festive-themed zombies, gather resources, help Mu Lan and her friends, there is a lot of interesting ahead!

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