PUBGM – The All-Talent Championship, all you need to know!

This season we have the brand new All-Talent Championship opened, with weekly tournaments starting in weeks 1-4, semi-finals starting in weeks 3 and 5, and finals starting in week 6. The All-Talent Championship is a brand new event open to the majority of players. To ensure the safe and fair, this tournament sets a certain requirements of players’ account tier, which increases the cost of cheating. At the same time, we has comprehensively upgraded the security strategy from pre-tournament security inspection, in-tournament security inspection upgrade, post-tournament result validation and penalty. Players who violate the security rules of the event will be disqualified from continuing the game and will be given a ban. If you encounter suspicious behavior in the game, you can also report it in the game, and we will assist you in the verification. In order to protect your experience, this All-Talent Championship has adopted very strict pre-tournament security inspection. From the beginning of the preliminary contest, PUBG MOBILE’s unique Ban Pan system will monitor the security environment of each user before entering the game, and investigate the three-party suspicious plug-ins and modifiers that may affect the security environment.  If you are blocked from the tournament, we encourage you to adjust your device based on the official “All-Talent Championship Security Announcement”, and participate in the next round. We appreciate your understanding! In order for more players to experience the event and win rewards, the tier requirement is set at a level that allows most players to participate. However,in order to ensure the fairness of the competition environment, we must conduct strict security monitoring on every player to ensure a fair environment. We thank you for your support for the event, and welcome to pay attention to information about system upgrades at any time. In order to ensure that the players are in an environment of fair competition, no emulators will be allowed in this competition. Thank you for your cooperation. Welcome to participate in the All-Talent Championship! You can learn about the latest developments through in-game news and social media updates.Kindly Reminder: For public policy matters, please send an email to


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