Star Trek™ Fleet Command Guide – The Second Research Queue is Here!

We’re introducing a new permanent Second Research queue. Once unlocked, it will allow you to conduct two researches at once!How does the Second Research work?

  • Available through special offers in the Store (one per player)
  • Once unlocked, it allows you to conduct two researches at once
  • Functions the same way as your primary research queue
  • Works only for researches

Same research rules apply to the Second Research queue:

  • To unlock the second Research queue you need to be above level 15
  • Once purchased, it is automatically unlocked to use – you just need to start a second research
  • It needs its own set of speed-ups and help requests to reduce the timer
  • Note that some researches have a specific order of prerequisites, these still apply as usual

Important: Remember to update your app in order to take advantage of the Second Research queue! 


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