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The Area of Operations is a new ranking system that distinguishes the greatest player by analyzing combat-related data, divided into twelve different categories.Your area of operations will be determined depending on your region/country, and your ranking system will be determined accordingly. The highest stats/data will be pulled from the Gold V tier and above tier servers, and stats will be summed up on every Monday at 9:00 (KST). The top 100 players will be able to earn a special title at 10:00(KST), which will last for a week! (Only the top 10 may acquire the Global Top Title.)For more details on the area of operations, follow the below steps:1. Press the ▲ button on the bottom right of the game lobby screen. 2. Press the "Rank" button.3. Press the "Season" button.4. Press the "?" icon on the top right.