[KNOWN ISSUES] Mechanoid Menace Alliance Ops (March 11th, 11:30 UTC+0) – Puzzle Combat Game guide

EDIT March 11th, 13:25 (UTC+0) – We have begun to roll out Version 30.1.1 which contains the fix for the incorrect Player rank being shown. Please update your game when the update becomes available to you!We are aware of three issues relative to the Mechanoid Menace Alliance Ops. 1: Gameplay issue – Radioactive Burn is activated when the counter shows 4 if a wave is cleared with special skills despite the counter not reaching 0.2: [SOLVED] Visual issue – Player rank rewards appear the same as Alliance rank rewards. Please note – this is purely a visual issue that should be resolved soon.3: Visual issue – Incorrect timer shown on Mechanoid Menace Summon Portal. Please note – The Mechanoid Menace Summon will be active for the entire duration of the event.Please accept our sincerest apologies for these issues. We are currently investigating the issues here and hope to have them resolved soon!


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