CSR Racing 2 – New Update Coming Soon – Part 2

WE’RE BACK!We had so much to say that we needed to make a second part! Read on to find out what else is happening in the latest update.SUPERCAR SCIENCE FINALEThe finale of the Supercar science series is here! Which means the time has come to bring in your sweet rides from all the previous supercar science events. There are 6 lock-ins for the finale, out of which, you’ll need 5 cars from the previous Supercar Science’s.Remember, each lock-in demands a unique manufacturer, but not necessarily in any particular order.Your hard work will be rewarded with a prize car, that is, the Porsche 935 Salzburg, which you can use for the final lock-in.Lockin 1 to 5 The cars can be chosen in any order, but each lock-in must have a unique manufacturer.

  • Pagani:Pagani Zonda Revolución or Pagani Imola
  • McLaren:McLaren Speedtail or the McLaren Elva
  • Bugatti:Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Edition or the Bugatti Bolide
  • Aston Martin:Aston Martin Valkyrie ‘Track Pack’ or the Aston Martin V12 Speedster ‘DBR1’
  • Koenigsegg:Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut or the Koenigsegg Gemera

Lockin 6 is the Porsche 935 Salzburg, the prize car of this event.ELITE TUNERS CHAPTER 3:The second part of chapter 3 for Elite Tuners is here, which means new rides and more customization options! This time the fight is between the Honda S2000 and the Mazda RX-7, two of the most legendary cars to have ever graced the streets! We cannot wait to see how you customize these epic rides, make sure to share them on social media so we can share our favorites!Lock-in Cars:

  • Honda S2000
  • Mazda RX-7

SHOWDOWN LEAGUES BETA:We are continuing to work on improvements for the ShowDown Leagues Beta before full release, and to ensure it is the best it can be, we are extending the beta a little longer just to work out the last few issues.We understand that those of you without current access to the beta want to get your hands on the great prizes available, so we have come up with a way that means all players can earn the same rewards.

  • We will use Showdown events to grant Leagues tokens to all players at trophy milestones (1200 & 1600 trophies).
  • We will make the cars purchasable by all players provided they have earned the required Leagues tokens

We can’t wait to bring you the full feature and to see you crush the competition!PETAH’S PERMANENT CRATESHow many times have you stared at a car in your garage and thought “man, I really wish I could upgrade that.”Well, lament no longer! PETAH has a solution for you in RARE IMPORTS! Head into RARE IMPORTS with your currently selected car and PETAH’S CRATES will rotate to MATCH THE CAR YOU HAVE SELECTED.No, we’re not sure why we didn’t think of this sooner, either.There are TWO CRATES – a Premium one for your swanky PURPLE STAR cars ($1.99) and a normal one for GOLD STAR cars (300 Bronze Keys). They drop 3 FUSION PARTS per spin!We realized that players were getting stuck on longer events and features- Legends, ECB – because they were waiting for a rogue Stage 6 part to appear.Also, Petah’s Permanent Crates are designed to be different from the event crates and therefore are a different price which makes them more sustainable over a longer period of time. We could have made them the same as the event crates, but we thought it might get confusing having to decide between the two crates! Having them be different helps differentiate between them.A few helpful tips for you to get the most out of this:

  • You only get 15 spins per day, resetting at 10:00 GMT.
  • The drop rates and granular information can be accessed by tapping the ‘i’ on the machine, as usual.
  • The loyalty rewards are TIED TO THE CAR. This means if you spin and switch cars, you WILL KEEP YOUR LOYALTY PROGRESS! Cars that share stage 6 parts do not share loyalty progress yet.
  • Loyalty also doesn’t reset when the crate spins refresh!
  • Petah’s Crate will replace all crates on reruns, including in the CSR AMERICAN SERIES.
  • This is a constantly evolving feature, and we will monitor feedback from all sources, so let us know your thoughts on all of our social channels.

Also, once we feel we’ve got Petah’s Crate in the right place, it will be replacing all Ford Performance and Izzy’s Assistance crates in Rare Imports. Don’t worry, though, we’ll give you a fair warning in advance of this happening so you can plan around loyalty rewards, etc.We will be rolling this out to players slowly, over time.EVENT HUBSA new and improved look at the event hubs is coming with the 3.0 update and the CSR AMERICAN SERIES!The HUB now acts as, well, a hub – not only showing your event currency balance and taking you to the currently active event (as before), but showing all of the events in a series and every bit of information you could possibly ever need!It’ll show when upcoming events are scheduled, and sometimes even give a glimpse into the car content for that event. We know that it’s been difficult in the past to get an insight into what future events are coming up, and we think this helps.This will be rolling out in stages, and we’ll be collecting data and feedback all the way to further inform our design decisions.EVENT HUBS FAQ

  • What does the ‘GO RACE’ button navigate to?It will send you to the event with the least amount of time remaining, that you have not yet completed.
  • What happens if I’ve completed all of the events?The button will send you to the next upcoming event.
  • Why have you added the events to the event currency hub?Eventually, we want these hubs to be one-stop shops for you guys to access all events that are related to each other. We know the map can get cluttered and hard to navigate sometimes, and this is our first step to solving that.

TWICE IS NICEEveryone wants more gold, right? Well, Jess and Donna have teamed up and have got you covered with their Twice is Nice offer!Now, on your purchase of a standard gold pack from the shop, you can get a limited period offer to re-buy gold with a huge bonus added on top!Don’t forget, the offer lasts only for an hour after your purchase of the standard gold back, so hurry!Thank you for reading through some huge changes, we would always love to hear your feedback so get over to our social channels and let us know what you think.In the meantime, keep racing and we’ll see you on the streets of CSR2.


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