Divine Dragon Pass FAQ – Dragon City Game guide

Dear Dragon Masters,We are excited to present to you a brand new feature: the Divine Dragon Pass!Before getting into the details, we’d like to clarify that this feature is in Beta (meaning that we are still working on it!), and it will become available worldwide at different stages, which will be communicated within the next few months.Follow our official Social Media pages to stay up to date!What is the Divine Dragon Pass?The Divine Dragon Pass is a system that will reward you for completing goals.For each completed goal, you will earn Divine Points. These points will progressively unlock nodes filled with exciting rewards.Goals can be daily or weekly, and your progress cannot be transferred to the next Season of the Divine Dragon Pass.What do you mean by Season?The Divine Dragon Pass system has a set duration, during which you will have daily and weekly goals available to complete in order to receive the final, big seasonal reward.Take note of the countdown in the top left corner of your Divine Dragon Pass screen to check how many days you have left before the end of the current Season.As previously mentioned, remember to complete your goals before the current Season ends.What kind of goals are we given in the Divine Dragon Pass?You will find all different kinds of goals! There are goals that reward you for breeding and hatching dragons, fighting in Arena Battles, collecting Food, and so on…Where can I find the Divine Dragon Pass?To access the Divine Dragon Pass, click on its icon in the top left of the game’s home screen.The icon becomes visible once you have reached level 15 in the game, however, you still won’t be able to access it. The Divine Dragon Pass feature is unlocked once you have reached level 20!Is the Divine Dragon Pass a free feature?There are 2 paths within this feature:A free path > this is always active and it will grant you free rewards.A premium path > this can be unlocked by purchasing the Divine Pass and it will grant you premium seasonal rewards.Please note that you will not receive the rewards as soon as you purchase the Divine Pass. You still need to progress in the path by completing the goals!What if I didn’t have a chance to collect all of my rewards? Don’t worry, your rewards will be credited to you the next time you open the game after the Season has finished.Last but not least, don’t forget that we highly appreciate your feedback, so feel free to share your suggestions and opinions of the Divine Dragon Pass feature (Beta version) with us on our main social media!


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