Star Trek™ Fleet Command Guide – Away Teams

Away Teams allows officers who are not assigned to ships to pursue Away Team assignments across the Galaxy! All you have to do is to make sure that you have the right officers for the assignment at hand. When an Away Team is successful, they will bring back unique rewards!How can I unlock them?

  • Be above level 8
  • Search for the “Unlock Shuttle Bay” node in the Station research tree and unlock it
  • Then unlock the new Shuttle Bay building located in the top right of the interior station

Away Team Assignments rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic. Higher rarity assignments will yield greater rewards!Assignment cost: Common and Uncommon assignments can be started for free. Rare and Epic assignments have a cost in order to start.Assignment tab break down

  • Assignments can request 1-3 officers
  • There is a multiplier added to the rewards if the assignment has officers that push the success rate over 100%
  • Chance of success indicator is for the chance of successfully completing the assignment
  • There is a critical bonus indicator, the higher the % the better the rewards 

Assignment durationAway Team assignments have durations that can take up to a couple of hours or even several days. However, assignments can be sped up using the appropriate speed ups.Note: The Officer(s) you will send to the assignment, will be unavailable for any other use until their task is done.Assignment refreshMake sure to take a look at the new assignments when they get refreshed, that way you will have time in order to complete them. Assignments that are not currently in-progress will be automatically refreshed every 12 hours or you can manually refresh them at any time using the Assignment Refresh Token.Note: If you’ve already started an assignment, it will not be replaced when using the refresh token.Away Team ResearchAway Teams brings with it a new Research tree containing 48 nodes to unlock using ‘Service Awards’ and ‘Merits of Honor’ that can be earned by engaging with the Away Teams.


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