Discover new videos – Flipboard guide

Just like with articles, Flipboard TV can help you discover new videos to watch. Follow topics, publishers, and regional news to get video suggestions in your Following tab. Follow a video feed or publisherVideos from feeds and publishers you’re following show up in two places:

  • In the For You section of the Flipboard TV tab
  • In the Following tab

To follow a feed or publisher:

  • Navigate to the video feed or publisher profile you’re interested in.
  • In the top right-hand corner of the screen, tap Follow.
  • Explore local videos

  • In the Flipboard TV tab, scroll down to the Categories section.
  • Tap Local.
  • To choose a different market, tap the arrow to the right of the selected location.
  • By default, Flipboard displays the market nearest you.
  • Tap Follow to always receive news and videos from your area.
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