Rise of Kingdoms Guides: Tips on the types and functions of titles

Rise of Kingdoms Guides:Tips on the types and functions of titles

In the game, the title of the kingdom: The queen can increase the collection speed by 15%. You can use this title to get more collection resources. In addition, there are many titles in the kingdom. You can appoint the following titles to be in the kingdom Courtiers provide bonuses.

【Types and Functions of Titles】

Ruler title: King (army attack, defense, HP +5%), queen (gathering speed + 15%), marshal (army attack + 5% training speed + 10%), Prime Minister (resource output + 15% construction speed +10%).

The title of the defender: Justice (march speed +10% troop attack +3%), duke (troop defense +5%), great architect (construction speed +10%), great scientist (research speed +5% gold coin collection speed) +10%) provide bonus titles.

Sinner Title: Traitor (army attack, defense-3%), beggar (resource production -10%), exile (army defense-5%), slave (army life-5%), slacker (marching speed-5%) Training speed-5%), fool (construction speed-5% research speed-5%).