Keira Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&talent trees|Rise of Kingdoms

Acquisition methods

Keira can only be obtained from the Ceroli Crisis event


Dance of the Flametongue(Active Skill)

(1000 Anger)-Deals 1000 skill coefficient damage to up to 3 targets in the front fan, and each additional target reduces the damage by 15%.

Allies or Enemies(Passive Skill)

Increase the damage to savages and neutral units by 35%. When fighting “Ceroli’s Crisis” and [Song of Ian”, the damage caused by your own troops is increased by 35%.

Ceroli Sharpshooter(Passive Skill)

Increases the archer’s attack power by 10% and defense power by 10%.

The Mutineer(Passive Skill)

The basic attack has a 10% chance to increase the skill damage of the troops led by 80% for 3 seconds. During the battle between [Ceroli’s Crisis] and [Ian’s Song], the basic attack has a 10% chance to cause the target to receive 150% damage from the skill.

Undying FlamEnhanced:Dance of the Flametongue

Inflicts 1000 skill factor damage on up to 3 targets in the front fan, and each more–target reduces damage by 15%, and causes continuous damage to the target by a factor of 200 for 2 seconds.

Priority upgrade of skills


Talent building